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“For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it.”
― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Powerful ocean

Why Our Climate Needs Mythos AI

Channel closures and depth restrictions lead to massive inefficiencies in waterborne transportation. Ships are often forced to loiter offshore or divert while waiting for channel data to be updated.

These inefficiencies translate directly to exuberant greenhouse gas emissions as ships hold position in currents offshore burning as much as 20 tons of fuel per day per vessel. In some instances ships loiter for days.

In others they anchor nearshore damaging vital marine habitats which are under extreme pressure due to climate change and other human activities.

We are developing comprehensive solutions to support the ‘greening’ of our global shipping industry.

This involves development of efficient vessels, access to accurate navigation data and the ability to respond.