On Demand Hydrographic surveys for Industry

We provide go/no-go depth visualization of navigation channels and port approaches for ships. And we do it fast.

  • Push button surveys of approaches, berths, & turning basins
  • Forcast sediment transfer and predict budgets accurately
  • Berth ships with confidence

Precision Navigation

Rapid charts for the marine sector.

On demand bathymetric data for stakeholders

Shipping Channel bathymetry

Meet Archie

Autonomy aided hydrographic survey vessel

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Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Vessel


Details on Archimedes Series

We’ve automated the process in which depth data is transferred from the seabed to the ship’s helm making it 30X more efficient.

Need routine or emergency channel, berth or turning basin surveys? No problem, that’s what we do.

We provide the vessel and operators. Our survey automation is so efficient it can turn critical data around in near real time. No more waiting weeks or months for accurate depth data.


The process of delivering dependable depth data to those who need it is time-consuming and expensive. It’s choking our waterborne infrastructure so we threw it out and developed our own.

Access up-to-date navigation data anytime anywhere
All chart visualizations are sent to the cloud in real-time during surveys where they can be accessed via the same web application our customers use to plan and execute surveys.

Save money while increasing productivity
By automating the manually intensive aspects of the data supply chain we are introducing a start-to-finish charting process that is up to 30 times more efficient than present day offerings.

Operate with confidence
The marine environment is too complex for humans to interpret quickly, so we’re developing machine learning and artificial intelligence that can.

Fleet Autonomy

Push button surveys of approaches, berths, & turning basins


Pilots, welcome to the next generation of pilot assist.


Berth ships with confidence


Collect bathymetry up to 30X more efficiently than with conventional vessel/sonar setup.