Hydrographic Point cloud data sets for governments

Take control of your waterways & assets with push button surveys enabled by autonomy.

  • Survey on demand
  • Identify navigation hazards
  • Predict shoaling
  • Prevent draft restrictions & channel closures


Post storm channel clearing surveys to locate and remove navigational hazards.

Up-to-date depth data at your fingertips

Rapid Charting from Mythos AI

Archimedes Series

Autonomy aided hydrographic survey vessel


Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Vessel


Details on the Archimedes Fleet

Surveying simplified

One of the top priorities for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after a hurricane or other major storm event is to get survey vessels on the water as quickly as possible after danger has passed. If a federal channel is impassable it means a loss of revenue because commercial ships can’t deliver goods and products on time.

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Rapid channel clearing surveys made for Governments

Ports and the Army Corps are preparing for a future with frequent and strong hurricanes.

Active hurricane seasons result in major disruptions to shipping, supply chains and port operations.

Ports and supply chain stakeholders lose tens of millions each day and channels are closed post storm awaiting surveys.

Mythos AI autonomous survey solutions were created to reopen the ports ASAP post storm and keep commerce moving.

Hurricanes satellite imagery in the Atlantic

It took 6 days for hydrographic surveys to begin in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria made landfall. Deep draft vessels and critical aide were unable to make it to port.


When ports are closed local economies are shutdown


Hurricane Katrina (2005) caused US$2.2 billion in damages to ports in Louisiana, $133 million to three ports in Mississippi (Bienville, Gulfport, and Pascagoula), and $40 million to the Port of Mobile in Alabama. More storms like this are coming.


Ports and shipping companies lose $7.8B each year due to prolonged port closures