Enterprise Autonomy for the Marine sector.
Self-driving developed for the world’s busiest waterways.

  • Operate safer, longer, and more efficiently

All vessel types can be made more efficient, dependable and enjoyable to interact with given various levels of automation. 

Workboats that automate dull, dirty or dangerous tasks increase operational safety by reducing operator fatigue.

Pleasure craft that navigate without fear of running aground and charter boats that dock themselves will allow more people to enjoy the water.

Fleet operators can manage staff shortages and meet growth expectations with self-driving and self operating fleets. 

Mythos AI & Automation

Artificial intelligence drives automation.

Offshore Wind Farm surveying

Archie trains Autonomy

by generating situational awareness.

Mythos Team

Autonomy and self-driving experts

Mythos AI Team

Mythos AI produces vertically integrated autonomous solutions for fleets.

Realize the competitive advantage of automated vessel processes.

We are workflow oriented. A self-driving boat doesn’t do any good if its intended job still requires skilled personnel.  So, we work with vessel manufacturers, OEMs and fleet operators to automate the task specific workflows.

From concept through first build, we design vessels to be autonomous.  Initially all vessels with autonomous capabilities operate in a manned configuration as the autonomy is refined to their specific operating environment.

Automated capabilities are layered in over time until eventually the vessels can operate without intervention. This model creates new and exciting revenue opportunities for our customers while ensuring they maintain a market advantage in perpetuity.

Each new capability we add via SW update, is a new product to offer customers which your competition won’t have. 

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Autonomy for Ships

While operating in busy ports we train the world’s most robust self-driving for vessels.


To Drive autonomously we 1st need really good maps. This is why we created Archie.


Mythos tech will allow industry to move more goods on less ships saving millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.


More than 80% of vessels based accidents are due to human error.


Autonomy enables operators to scale operations efficiently.