Meet Archie, the world’s first autonomous hydrographic vessel built for ports.

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Our Nexus Forecast Engine provides data turnaround in less than 24 hours and provides tide-based forecasting for ports and terminal operators.


Archie comes fully equipped for your job.

From boat delivery to real time surveys in hand, it’s all taken care of.


Mythos AI and SAFE Boats International have teamed up and are rolling out a fleet of Archies.


Get all the specs on Archie. He’s one a of kind.

The Mythos AI cloud based remote interface enables real time survey monitoring and editing from anywhere.

David Brannon, President National Oceans Applications Center (NOARC) congratulated the Mythos AI team on their accomplishments.

Mythos has delivered the complete hydrographic survey system for coastal projects. The optionally-piloted aspects of Archimedes makes it flexible enough to navigate congested waterways to arrive at a project site. Then survey autonomy takes over and produces precision, hydrographic data in real-time. Precision, real-time data on demand is a game changer for our work.”

Purpose-built from hull-to-interface for operation in busy waterways and port environments.

Archie’s intuitive interface walks operators through the multibeam survey process start-to-finish and executes tasks automatically.

Mythos AI software enables survey planning of our most congested waterways in a matter of minutes.

No need to setup sonars or INS, plan lines and boundaries, or import backgrounds & ENCs.  Archie does that for you automatically.  You select the area and Archie fills it with high fidelity depth data.

Archie is outfitted with the industry’s leading position and multibeam sonar suite. Coupled with our auto-tuning and auto-gating the data is as high quality as current sonar technologies allow.

The Mythos AI cloud based remote interface enables real time survey monitoring and editing from anywhere.

Archie is the safest autonomous survey solution because it is manned. Archie will be unmanned one day, but in the meantime drivers onboard ensure the safest possible operation in port environments.


Having the most up to date depth data allows planners to optimize routing and cargo saving the industry billions of dollars each year


Three to five deep draft vessels are unable transit the mouth of the Mississippi River due to unknown depths each week.


Shippers lose $2B each year in Port Santos due to unknown depths


In 2017, Hurricane Harvey affected nearly every major port in Texas.
It is estimated that Harvey:
• Caused $17.4 billion in economic impacts due to port closures and associated industry impacts.
• Caused nearly $250 million in infrastructure impacts through damage to port facilities and channel shoaling.
• Cost $1 to $2 million per rerouted vessel.